About Us

Meet the team
Our backstory
Dipai originates from Ph.D. research conducted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Ålesund, which is a city that many consider the maritime capital of Norway. This close connection has made Dipai able to understand the needs of the maritime industry and provide solutions to make its companies more efficient and sustainable in their daily operations.
Dr. André Listou Ellefsen
(+47) 902 09 249
Dr. Emil Dale Bjørlykhaug
(+47) 458 60 179
Øystein Nordli
(+47) 918 18 877
Dr. Thiago G. Monteiro
Senior Software Engineer
(+47) 980 33 208
Birger S. Pedersen
Senior Software Engineer
(+47) 959 44 571
The Board
Asbjørn Skaro
VP Project Artec Aqua. Former VP Rolls-Royce and Kongsberg Maritime. Extensive experience in business development in the maritime industry.
Kjell P. Norvoll
CEO at Nogva Motorfabrikk. Extensive experience with scale-up, growth, and business development in the maritime industry.
Rune Hasund
CFO at Nogva engine factory. Broad experience in financial management and general management roles through 20 years.