Reduce emissions, increase efficiency and save costs with our Digital Fleet Platform
Use our platform to improve collaboration and operations across departments. This includes vessel operations and maintenance, reporting, customer communication, tender documentation, and crew training. Choose modules based on your needs.
Fuel and emission analytics
We have developed an operational mode detection algorithm based on real-time sensory data. This innovation effectively eliminates the need for manual user input and increases the accuracy and scope of the data.

This allows shipowners to benchmark a complete timeline of operations against historical fuel consumption, equipment usage, and weather data. This level of analysis enables a deeper understanding of spending patterns, identifying areas of inefficiency, and optimizing resource utilization.

By harnessing the power of data, shipowners can continuously monitor their performance and take action to achieve their goals outlined in the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan.

Voyage planning
Our voyage planning and evaluation feature incorporates an advanced algorithm that predicts a vessel’s Speed Through Water (STW) and fuel consumption based on the preferred Speed Over Ground (SOG), in addition to other relevant internal and external factors.

By leveraging this module, shipowners can consider external factors when making decisions regarding SOG and ETA. This helps them avoid unnecessary fuel expenditure and emissions. By optimizing their voyage planning based on data-driven insights, shipowners can reduce costs, improve fuel efficiency, and minimize their environmental impact.

Live operation and evaluation
This module structure key real-time sensory data to provide valuable insights into ongoing operations. The system can also detect unexpected events and raise alarms to ensure safety.

This module allows the Vessel Manager to have a clear understanding of how the vessel is currently operating, to enhance live support for the vessel. Furthermore, all the data is saved and presented in an organized calendar format. This enables the crew to review their voyages to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments for future voyages. This continuous evaluation and learning process helps optimize operations and enhance overall performance.

Condition-based maintenance
This module provides a comprehensive overview of the vessel’s engine and thruster conditions by utilizing load profiles and machine learning to monitor sensory data. By integrating with vibration and oil analysis specialists through API integration, shipowners can gain a complete understanding of their equipment’s health.

As there may be ongoing projects that are costly to interrupt, our module aims to structure documentation for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Classification societies, allowing for extended overhaul intervals when the data indicates good health. This ensures optimal maintenance planning while minimizing disruption and expenses.

Data collection
We provide various options of data collection to suit different shipowners’ needs. If you already have data stored in the cloud, we can easily integrate it with our existing system through API. However, we also support solutions for shipowners who do not have their data in the cloud. We offer state-of-the-art edge-computing software, which can be installed either remotely on a ship server or directly onboard the vessel. Our software efficiently collects, stores, and aggregates data signals, leading to improved response times and reduced bandwidth requirements.